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Founded in 2014, Bhumi Door began its journey as a modest shop with a vision to create the finest wooden and flush doors. Today, we take immense pride in having transformed that vision into a reality with two dedicated manufacturing units producing a myriad of door designs and an exclusive range of kitchen baskets.

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Every product we produce, whether an intricately designed door or a kitchen basket, is meticulously crafted. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we ensure each item exceeds the highest standards of quality and durability, making them timeless home additions.

As our brand evolves and expands, our unwavering dedication to innovation deepens. We passionately introduce fresh, cutting-edge designs, and proactively refine our existing range. This commitment ensures we consistently cater to the dynamic tastes and ever-shifting needs of our valued customers.

At Bhumi Door, our customers define our purpose and drive our passion. Each uniquely crafted product reflects the individuality of homes we serve. Embracing our roots, we're eager for future challenges and invite you to experience the Bhumi Door legacy in your home.


Satisfied Clients

Our dedication to excellence has garnered trust from our valued clients; every project showcases our unparalleled commitment.

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Delivering unparalleled excellence, our services consistently exceed expectations and set industry benchmarks.

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We Boast a Team of Experts

Mr. Girish Patel
CEO & Founder
Mr. Narendra Patel
Marketing Director
Mr. Dipesh Patel
Production Director
Mr. Shubham Patel